2013 Isanti County Fair Car Show

Yesterday there was a car show at our local county fair.  It had a nice turn out.  There was a nice mix of cars there.  It is fun to have a new place to take pictures of cars.

I have some video of the burn out contest and the muffler rap contest that I am trying to get uploaded.  I think I have the technical issues figured out, so they should be up later today or tomorrow.


2013 Isanti County Fair Car Show — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for the nice shot of my green 1951 Ford Pickup from the Isanti County fair show 2013. You’ve taken a couple of pics of it in the last couple of years, and yours are better than mine! Pretty funny. I looked up 1951 Ford pickup on Google with my nephew to see what others are doing with them. There was my truck at the Isanti weekly car show~!! Somehow seeing it on google made it more real.
    Great shots! Thank you.

    • Steve,

      You’re welcome. If you would like, I can email you the high resolution versions of them.

      Thanks for looking,

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