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Why would you want to read some guys thoughts on muscle cars?  I have been in love with muscle cars for as long as I can remember.  The first car I remember my Dad having was  1971 or 1972 Cutlass that he put a 389 Pontiac into.  As a kid, I remember it being fast.  At that point I was hooked.

While I don’t currently own a muscle car, it is on the list of things I will own.  There is currently a 1966 Chevy Impala in the garage, but that is the wife’s car.  Her father started to restore it and decided not to finish it.  So it ended up in our garage.  It is currently primed, but it will need some body work when we are ready to start on it since I am sure it has picked up a few dings since it has been sitting for quite a while in two garages.

While not a fire breathing muscle car, the 327 will haul the wife, my three daughters and I around in style when it is done.  There will be posts about this car once we start working on it.




email: Pat@themusclecarguy.net


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  1. Lol, my gal wants me to get a new tool set & start repairing cars- she says to buy & sell… I think she’s tired of me talking about how within a year of us getting together, I had to junk my ’78 Camaro after my EXson in law blew the tranny & I also sold him my tool chest w/tools, and then again maybe she gets tired of me replaying H.I.- she says I dress like Al & act like Tim. Lol, I’ll shut up, take care & God Bless Ya 🙂

  2. Hey Pat,
    Do you have any still shots of the Vett doing the burn out? We should be at the car show on Wednesday @ the bank, would like to chat with you

  3. car guy, i to am working on a 66 non-ss….problem; damage around gas filler tube and trunk lock area with rusty lower weather strip lip. to confound the problem ,all the 66’s in the junkyard are damaged in the same spot…. solution; closeup shots of the lower trunk and gas filler area would give me a starting point to do my fab work. i like you am cleaning my garage out so i can git started, hopefully! if you can, thanks in advance , if you can’t, then thanks just the same……….

    • Right now, the trunk is full of parts I don’t have another place for, but once I start going through the parts in the trunk, I will take pictures for you.

  4. I remember the Cutlass. I also remember us trying to stand up in the back and dad flooring it to get us to sit down 😉 Thankfully my ZJ has a V8 (318 Magnum) so I don’t feel as bad as I did when driving my Escort.

  5. Do you know anything about the 1966 AMC Rambler Classic 770? I am looking for a suspension my son and I can put on it. We do not want to stay stock with the suspension as it just sucks! Any info you have regarding this car is much appreciated.

    • Jason,

      I don’t know much about Ramblers, but I would look at starting with better tires/wheels, improved shocks and just making sure the suspension is in good shape.

      Shock and tire technology have improved a lot since 1966.

      I would be careful about using polyurethane bushings as they can be too hard and cause the suspension to bind.

      Here is a forum thread I found that gives a little info about the suspension on your car.
      I think it would be a good start to register there and see what they have to say, I know that the people who appreciate AMC’s are even more loyal than the Mopar people, so I am sure they would be willing to help.

  6. Does anyone remember a black muscle car that toured through the NW (Idaho, Wa) in the 70’s named the Spanish Rose? It had a leather interior, shiny black paint job, the engine was chromed and someone went to the trouble of glass etching the rear window with roses. I am looking for photos of this car to show my family.
    Trip through memory lane

  7. Love the podcast. An idea for a podcast would be on what to look for when debating a purchase. I’m looking at a72 Mustang with 429 now (71 engine). I’m new to this and am sure there are small things an expert looks for that I have no idea to look at . Thank you Ryan

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