Another Unique Idea

As I have mentioned before, I often have some odd car related ideas.  I think it is fun to think of new ideas for car builds.  It is fun to me to think of something I haven’t seen before.

I have talked about T Buckets before.  While my favorite cars are the muscle cars, I like all cars.  And the T bucket is near the top of the list, since they are about as minimal as one can get for a car.

Another Unique Idea


After all, how can you get more simple than that for a car?  Pretty much just a seat and a steering wheel attached to the engine.

For an engine, there is an engine series that I have an odd fascination with.  That would be the two stroke Detroit Diesel engines.  I am not sure exactly why I am interested in them, as I have no experience with them, other than hearing a couple of them run.

But it is quite the sound that they make.

The most common of the two stroke Detroits where the 71 series, but they are too large to fit in a passenger vehicle.  The 53 series (the series name comes from the displacement of each cylinder) is a better fit.  Although the largest of the most common ones, the 6v53 (6 cylinders, V engine, 53 cubic inches per cylinder) is a stretch since it weighs 1500+ plus pounds, depending on the configuration and where you look.

But there were versions of it with 400 HP, and with a redline of 2,500 RPM, that would mean 800+ pound feet of torque.  That would be a lot of fun in a lightweight (relatively) vehicle.  While some T buckets weigh under 2,000  pounds, I think you would be hard pressed to get one under 3,000 and still handle the weight and torque of that heavy of a diesel.  But it would be fun, unique and sound cool.

I know I am not the first person to have this idea, but I still think it would be fun.

Now all I need to do is win the lottery so I can afford all the ideas I come up with.

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