After yesterdays post about choosing an engine, I thought I would write more about compromise today.  Everything you choose to do for your car is a compromise.  If you choose to improve A, then B is reduced.

What that means is that if you increase performance in any way, then something else is reduced.  There is always a trade off.  The key is to understand what that trade off is.  Once you understand that trade off, then you can decide if it is worth it to you.  You also need to look at how much of a trade off it is, it may be big or small.

If your goal is to go fast one quarter mile at a time, then you can compromise the ability to turn corners fast.  If you take the concept far enough, you will end up with a Top Fuel dragster, and they only corners they turn are to turn around after a run and to move around the pits.  That is quite a compromise, but the performance they have in a straight line is amazing.

Granted, that is an extreme case, but if you put low profile tires and upgrade the suspension to improve the handling of your muscle car, you will make the ride stiffer.  That may not be a bad thing, at least up to a point since many cars from the 60’s had a rather floaty ride.  But it is still a compromise you need to understand so that you can make the choice.

If you make changes to your car without understanding what the down sides are, you may be disappointed with the results, or you may not be getting all you want even if you do like the results.

Swapping the old engine for a modern one gives you all the benefits of a modern engine, but you loose the look and sound of the original.  You also have the come up with the money for the swap.  But if you want a car that is easy to drive and maintain, it may be worth it.

So if you want to modify your car, or anything else for that matter, please make sure you are looking at all sides of the change and how they will affect it.  It will help you make better improvements and you may just get more out of it.

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