Episode 35 – Movie Review Furious 7

Today I try something new and talk about a movie a car person may be interested in. My wife wanted to go see Furious 7 so I went with her. I really didn’t know what to expect since I had only seen the first movie of the series and wasn’t really that much of a fan.

But I have to say, it was a fun movie. I mean after all, when you have a 1970 Road Runner, two 1970 Chargers, a 1968 Charger, a 1972 Barracuda, a 1969 Torino Talledega, a 1980’s Caprice a 2011 Challenger and a 1967 Camaro in the same move how could you go wrong?

Oh yeah, it also has Vin Diesel, Duane Johnson, Jason Statham and Paul Walker in it. Although I am not a big Paul Walker fan, I do think it is sad that he died during the filming of the movie.

Ok, so it is’t Shakespeare, but does that come as any surprise to anyone?

It is a fun movie, and I would recommend it. And now I need to go see the rest of the series.

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Here is the trailer for the movie if you are interested:

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