Episode 55 High Performance Only Engines

Today I talk about High Performance Only Engines, that is Muscle car engines that didn’t have a low performance version, or the low performance version was enough different that the basic engine block wasn’t the same.

Like the Chevy 302 in the first gen Z/28 or the Mopar 340, there was no low performance version.

Others, there were changes in the basic engine block, like going to 4 bolt mains for more strength:

Episode 55 High Performance Only Engines

Or even cross bolted mains:

Episode 55 High Performance Only EnginesSome Like the previously mentioned 302 and 340, like the Ford 427, didn’t come in a low performance version.

Some Like the ZL1 427 used aluminum for the engine block to save weight.

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  1. Great show Donna. You’re right, we are experience sterss in our personal and business lives. Thanks for the tips to combat the effects of sterss. I like your explanation of the difference between sterss and burnout related to adrenalin .stress creates adrenalin, while burnout is an adrenalin drain. Looking forward to future shows to learn more about coping with both sterss and burnout.

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