Getting settled

Sorry I haven’t been posting more, it has been rather busy around here.  We are still getting settled after moving to our new house.

We are trying to go through all our stuff as we unpack it so we can make sure we are keeping things we are going to use, not just keeping everything we have because we have it.  Unfortunately, that takes time.  Combine that with the normal everyday stuff and three little kids, and it makes things busy.

I did get a riding mower to help with the grass, and more importantly, it has a snow blower to keep the driveway clear when it starts snowing.  The driveway here is long enough that it would have taken a long time to keep it clear with just the little walk behind blower we had at our old house.  Even better, I found it on a Facebook sale/trade group and got a good deal on it.

We will soon have our Impala up here so I can start working on it.  That means more posts here as I document the process, so stay tuned.  It will be up here by Wednesday at the latest, and I am looking forward to it.  So are the kids, they keep asking me when the truck will be up here.  I keep telling them it is a car, but since the only vehicles we have had since they were born is a truck and a van, they are just going off what they know.  I am going to go with the fact that they are interested in it as a good thing, and we will work on the details later.

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