How to choose an expert

It is a fact of life, everyone needs help at some point.  My thoughts for today are how to choose an expert.  In this case, an expert is someone who can help you when you need it.  An expert in this case is someone who knows more than you about what you need help with.

That could mean that he or she just knows more about that particular instance, but some times that is all you need.  The thing to remember, is not that they know more than you, but that they can help you.  If you just wanted them to do it, then just let them do it.  If you want help doing it, you need to look at who you are asking for help differently.

What I am getting at is that when you are looking for an expert, is that they can explain why you would want to do something, not just how.  If they are able to explain that to you, then they understand why you need it.  And if they don’t it is obvious since when they tell you why you need it, it doesn’t match up with what you are thinking.

But you need to remember that it can be different than what you were thinking and still be correct.  If they have done something like this before, and you haven’t, they may have learned something along the way that will help come up with a better solution.  But once again, they need to be able to tell you why it is a better solution.

If you are asking someone for advice on what parts to use to upgrade the engine in your car, if they just give you a list of parts and say here you go, that is not the kind of help you are looking for.  There are cases where it can be a good option to go with.  If you have a limited budget, going with an off the shelf set up can get you most of the way there at a price you can afford.

But if you are really looking for an expert, they should be able to talk to you about your car, and what you want to do with it, and help you determine the best configuration for your engine.  And they may come back with a standard list of parts, but in this case you know it fits what you want to do.  Or maybe they say, here are your options, going up in price and performance.

It is that ability to find what you really need and want that makes them an expert.  And remember, that what you need and want are not always the same thing either.  You may want an all out race engine to go as fast as possible, but what you need is a reliable engine with a lot of power to put into your car to cruise around in.  See how they are not the same?

So in choosing an expert, what you are really doing is choosing someone who has the knowledge and ability to help you.  Just having the knowledge is just part of it.  A true expert also has the ability to use that information, in this case to help you make the decision that is best for you.

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