Isanti Weekly Car Show 8/1/2012

I just got back from the Isanti Weekly Car Show in Isanti, MN.  It is a fun little car show.  I did get some pictures, not as many as I would have liked though since the camera batteries were low and it died on me.

I did get the pictures of almost all the cars I wanted though so that is good.  I started with the muscle cars, so that is good.

One of my all time favorites was there, a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

This one has a 440 swapped into it with a 4 speed.  Very clean.  I also love the color.  I would say this is number two on my favorite cars list, after the 68-69 Charger.

There was also a 1978 Grand Prix

I like this car because in high school I had a similar car, a 1981 Grand Prix.  This ones has a Pontiac V-8 in it, I am assuming a 301.

The one I had was on it’s third engine.  It has started life with a 3.8 V6.  Dad had enough of it’s lack of power, and put in a warmed over 400 Pontiac in it.  I was not old enough to drive it, but I remember thinking how fast it was riding in it.  When I got it, it had a 350 Olds 4 barrel in it.  While not in the muscle car league, in retrospect, maybe more than a high school guy should have had.

There was also a very nice looking 67 Camaro

There was this nice looking Buick Skylark, a convertible like this would be a nice car to cruise in on a summer day.

And while not a muscle car, old pickups do have a certain appeal

There is an appeal to the shape of these old trucks.  And it would make a fun parts hauler.


Next time I need to make sure the camera has fresh batteries, but it was still a fun time.

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