Long distance road trip

2011 Dodge Grand CaravanI recently went on a long distance road trip.  About 650 miles each way.  While not really related to muscle cars at all, it gave me a new appreciation for a different type of vehicle, the minivan.

Yes, I know, one of those…  But when you need to haul three little kids around for that length of time, it is tough to beat.  And hey, it is an R/T.  I am not sure why Dodge decided to put the R/T trim level on the Grand Caravan, as the performance is the same as any other Grand Caravan, with just the touring suspension being different and I am not sure how much difference that makes.

But the van was quite and comfortable.  Ok, at least the noises related to the road were quite, it wasn’t able to muffle the noise from the kids.  That would be a feature that parents would go for.  Noise cancelling for kids.  Just have a warning indicator on the dash on which kid is crying, asking for more water or in what ever way needs attention and play the sound in reverse phase from the speakers to cancel out the noise.

The new Chrysler minivans ride stiffer than other minivans I have been in, and I like that.  I like the fact that I feel like I am actually connected with the road.  And the ride, while firm, doesn’t seem harsh, even on rough roads.  And I can go around on ramps pretty much as fast as I like with no drama, and no tire squeal at any even semi-reasonable speed.

If you have kids to haul around, I would recommend taking a look at the new Dodge and Chrysler minivans.


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  1. I was wondering about the suspension tuning, since the VW was based on the same platform. It does make for a fun to drive vehicle.

    Got the computer back up, luckily I didn’t need the backups I have.

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