Picking a project car

Some of you may not need help picking a project car.  You may already have it sitting in your garage, or know what you want and are either saving up for it, or actively looking for it now.

But say for the sake of discussion, you aren’t in that position.  How would you choose your project car?  The easiest would be to walk up to a car, have it say to you, “Here I am, fix me up” and there you go.

A car saying something to you?  Sure, not in words, but the best project car would be one that you have a connection with.  A car that you love and can see yourself working on it, and driving it around when it is done.  And that you would enjoy the process along the way.

That is what to remember, something you need to enjoy.  That is the point of a project car.

In the process of finding what kind of car you want to select for your project car, you need to start with what kind of car you want.  At this point, I don’t mean a Ford, a Chevy or what ever.  I mean, do you want to work on a classic car, a muscle car, a modern car etc.  It could also be an import, as long as you enjoy what you are doing with the car, that is the point.

It is not about building a car that other people think is cool, although that is a plus.  It is about a car that you enjoy.  You need to keep that in mind as you look at what you want for a project.  Do you want a main stream car, or do you want to do something different that will stand out.

There are pluses and minuses to both, but that is a different article.  This is just to get you thinking about what you would look for in picking a project car.

The best way I know of, is to find a basic type of car that you like, then go to car shows that have cars like that and see if you can find one that you can see yourself working on.

Tomorrow I will go through what I have been thinking about for a project car for me.  I am in the position where it will be quite a ways out before I am going to be actively looking for a car, so I can run through a lot of scenarios to pick what I would want.



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