Podcast Episode 22 – Engine Quench

This is a subject I had heard of before, but it never really clicked for me until I came across a forum post talking about it when I was looking for something else.

Engine quench is the distance between the piston and the cylinder head.

The post I referenced in the show that got me started on thinking about engine quench is:


The one I found about the coffee can is here:


Here is a picture of an open chamber head:

Engine Quench

Hard to get the piston close to this head

Here is a closed chamber head:

Engine Quench

you can see, you can get the piston close here

Here is a Google search link for images of a 426 Hemi cylinder head.  Notice no way to get quench:

And by contrast, the gen 3 Hemi.  Notice the quench pads that give the combustion chamber an oval shape.  Sure, not a “real” Hemi, but they give a great benefit.

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