Podcast Episode 9 – Heating a Garage

Today I talk about keeping warm in your garage, when your garage isn’t warm. In other words, heating your garage.

I am just going to talk about heating your garage, insulating it will be a topic for another day.

I talk about Propane Heaters, kerosene heaters, electric heaters and I touch on furnaces and wood heat.

I created a spreadsheet to help figure out the cost of running a heater for an hour, you can download it at:

Heating a garage spreadsheet

If you don’t have Microsoft Office, you can get LibreOffice for free to open it Here

Here are examples of the different kinds of heaters I talk about today:

The propane forced air heater, this is similar to the one I use, which apparently isn’t made any more:



Without a fan, this one is quieter.

A small round “sunflower” heater

This is great if you only need a little heat

If you need more heat, here is a larger one:

With no fans, they are pretty quiet.

If you would rather deal with kerosene than propane, here is a fanless kerosene heater:

If you need more heat, here is a forced air one:

The plus to one of these instead of a propane one, you can use a thermostat:

If you would rather deal with electrity:

Or this one that is a permanent mount:


Both require 240 volts

If you use propane, this will let you see how much is left in the tank:

And with any portable heater that is burning something, a carbon monoxide detector is a good idea:


And here is a natural gas heater that vents outside, so you don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide or fumes:


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