Progress on your project car?

Do you get to make as much progress on your project car as you would like?  I know I don’t.  If I did, the 1966 Impala in my garage would at least be driveable.  But at this point, it is not.  I also didn’t get to make as much progress on cleaning my garage as I would have liked last night.  In fact, I got almost nothing done.  Not long after I started, my youngest daughter woke up screaming.  I sat with her until she fell back asleep.  After that, it was late enough that it wasn’t worth it to start on the garage again.

I did get enough done that I was able to take a picture of the car in its current state.  I know, the light is bad, and if I waited until this afternoon, I would get a better picture, but I am not sure I will get a chance to take the picture this afternoon, and wanted to get at least something up.

Here it is, in all its current glory:

Progress on your project car

My goal is to keep taking pictures of it, so that I have more motivation to keep working on it.  And yes, that is the front seat sitting there.  It is sitting on cardboard and plywood to avoid damaging the seat, or the car below it.  The interior of the car is full of other parts that need to be gone through, organized and put on a shelf.  I am hoping to have that done in the not to distant future so that the seat can be inside the car were it belongs.

For those of you following along at home, the car is a 1966 Impala (not an SS) with a 327 and a powerglide.  As you may have guessed by the bench seat, it is a column shift.  It also has AC and four wheel drum brakes.

Although you can’t really tell in that picture, the frame has been repainted and is nice and shiny black.

Hopefully more to come.


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