Why didn’t I do that before?

How many of you have done something different, and then wondered why didn’t I do that before?  In this case, it was something simple.

Our van was due for an oil change, although I am still trying to figure out how we put over 50,000 miles on something we have only had for two years.  I just did the change in my driveway, the same as normal.  The difference is this time I used nitrile rubber gloves.  The last time I tried using disposable gloves when working on a car, they were just cheap latex type gloves, and they pretty much dissolved on me.  Nitrile is much more resistant to automotive chemicals.  If you are bored, or just a geek like me, you can read more here.

Maybe part of the reason I haven’t tried them before is because I learned to work on cars from my dad, and he never bothered with gloves.  Or maybe because when I tried other rubber gloves they didn’t hold up.

But with these, it sure made cleaning my hands afterwards easier.  I would definitely recommend using them when working on a car.  They are thin enough to not really get in the way, although I can see where some times it would be easier to get a bolt in or out without them.  But for the most part, I am going to be using them going forward working on cars since they make cleanup much easier.  Plus I am sure getting all that oil, grease etc on my skin is probably not a good thing.

The moral of all this, don’t be afraid to try something new in the garage, you may just end up thinking, why didn’t i do that before?


Why didn’t I do that before? — 4 Comments

    • I am not sure what it would do to you, but since it is easy to avoid, why not. And given how strong some of those chemicals smell, I don’t think they would be very healthy.

  1. This is a great example of trying new things… On the topic of gloves, I swear by “Grease Monkey” brand nitrile gloves (you can get them at home depot). I think they’re really durable and they look great too! (black).

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