Why I decided to to this

Short post today.  I was just thinking of why I decided to do this blog.  I love cars, and when I was younger, I loved reading car magazines, both about muscle cars and new cars.  Reading them now it seems even the articles are advertisements.

It seems that the custom cars articles are often, this guy paid this other guy to build his car, and here is what he did.  While it is cool to see the awesome results, it really isn’t practical for most of us.  And often when they do show how to do something, it is saying, hey we went to this shop, and this is how they did it.  More useful, but still…

I decided it would be fun to write about the cars I love, both about the history of them, and well as more technical information.  There will probably be some how-to articles, but more of them will probably be like my post about horsepower and weight.  While it doesn’t tell you how to do anything, I hope it helps you to understand why you would do something.

Since there are so many different cars, there is no way I could cover how to do things on even a fraction of them, but if I can help you understand why you would do something, and what it does, then you can apply that to your car.

That is my goal for this blog, to entertain you, and maybe even teach you something along the way.

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