Winter is coming

At the risk of sounding like I belong in A Game of Thrones, Winter is coming.  I know, pretty obvious.  We had a major reminder this weekend when it snowed on Sunday.  It didn’t amount to much of anything, and it didn’t stick, but it was a reminder of what is coming up.

By the way, if you are not familiar with A Game of Thrones, the books or the TV show, go check them out at your library.  It is worth it.

It is amazing how it tends to sneak up on me each year.  It isn’t like this is the first time I have been here for fall/winter.  Maybe it is because I have three little ones at home, as that does tend to keep me busy.

I need to figure out a way to get more storage in my garage so I have room to work on stuff this winter.  And even before winter, I need to have room to work on a snowblower so I don’t have to shovel the driveway all winter.  My driveway isn’t very big, but with the way the snow drifts, it is rather rough to shovel when there is more than about 6 inches of snow.

I am hoping to be able to get the engine pulled from the Impala before it snows so I can check it over during the winter.  My garage isn’t big enough to pull the engine with the garage door shut.  When they called it a two car garage, they didn’t figure on a 1966 Impala as one of the cars.  There is only about a foot and a half on either end of the garage.  Time to add on to the garage, or move.  I vote for move to someplace that either has a shop or room to build one.

Those are future plans though.  For now, we are looking to add storage in the rafters of the garage, since it is sheetrocked, although it isn’t insulated.  It is amazing how much stuff doesn’t fit into the house with three little ones around.

Although I am hoping they will be willing participants when it comes to working on the car.  They will probably slow the process down, but that is ok, it will be good family time.  And hopefully, they will grow up loving cars.

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