Winter dreaming

Ok, so mother nature is treating spring coming like Lucy does with the football to Charlie Brown.  We just got dumped on with snow again, just when it looked like it was finally spring around here.

While I know spring is just around the corner, it still seems like it will never get here.  So rather that looking forward to spring and car shows, I am still in winter dreaming mode, thinking about what I would build for a project car given an unlimited budget.

I haven’t made it much of a secret around here that the 1968-1969 Chargers are my favorite cars.  So of course when I think of an unlimited budget project car, it is pretty easy to figure out what I would go with.

I like the idea of a car that has upgraded suspension for turning corners, not just going fast in a straight line.  Autocross, track days at road courses and open road racing events like the Silver State Classic are things I want to do.  So I need a car with horsepower, that is easy.  It also needs upgraded brakes, tires and suspension.  Once again, easy.  It also needs good aerodynamics.

That is where the Chargers fail. They are beautiful cars, and look awesome.  However, they are about as aerodynamic as a barn.  But there is a solution:

Winter Dreaming

Ok, so this one is real, and given how rare and expensive they are, even with a dream budget, I would be looking at creating a clone version of one of these.

But one of these, with a turbo 6.1 Hemi, modern tires and brakes a some suspension upgrades, would be a lot of fun.

The speed for open road racing, and still fun on a autocross course, or just cruising down the road.  Of course to keep the fun factor up, it would have a 6 speed manual.

Maybe if I win the lottery…

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