Work gets in the way

Unfortunately, the theme last night was work gets in the way, not work in the garage on a car.  That is the drawback to working in IT, after hours work so you don’t interrupt service.  That means that instead of starting to inventory the parts for our 1966 Impala, I got to upgrade servers to clear out issues we were having with them.

But, I was able to at least start a mental list of what needs to be done to get the car on the road.  There are several things I need to decide before I can finish the car.  The engine was rebuilt several years ago, and hasn’t been fired up yet.  Should I pull the engine out, and look it over good, or just assume it is ok?  The same for the transmission.

The car needs tires, should I get some cheap or used 14 inch tires, or just look and moving to 15 inch wheels right off the bat since I will need to when I upgrade to disk brakes?

We also need to pick a color to paint the car.  We are thinking silver.  I think it would look good, and it is the wife’s pick at the moment.  And since it is her car, she gets to choose.

We also need exhaust on it.  I don’t think it would be that fun to drive it with open manifolds…  But do we put the stock exhaust back on it, assuming there is even enough left of it?  Or do we upgrade to duals, or headers and duals?  I am leaning towards headers with quite mufflers on it.

See, questions, questions questions.

And if anyone wants to use the spreadsheet I started as a template for them (or help me make mine better), here is the link for it 1966_Impala_Project.xlsx.  It will be updated as I add to it (and hopefully get things completed).


Work gets in the way — 2 Comments

  1. pat, the car will not be a 100%stock car again, so with this in mind, silver/ yes. maybe a little black pin strip, headers are the way to go, want more add an X exhaust then back to the mufflers. add some tips

  2. Headers are definitely in the plans. The problem is the price of good coated ones so they don’t turn into a bunch of rusty looking tubes after a couple of times driving it.

    I will probably just go with an H pipe instead of a X pipe. Not as effective, but a lot easier to get to fit.

    Then to try to pick the mufflers that have the sound I want.

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